Saturday, February 22, 2014


Last week was Valentine's Day.  I'm not sure about how you guys like to spend V-day but I indulged in a wild romance with Arizona flight schedules after my connection to the annual oncANP conference was cancelled.  The eastern seaboard was having its own wild romance with rain and snow! 

Devoting the day to love one day a year seems like a nice idea:  the red hearts, the flowers, the dinner out, the way-to-sweet chocolate.  It's hard to go wrong with combination like this!  But nothing satisfied my Valentine's day more than the little comic I received via email from the man I love.  All the dinners, flowers, hearts and chocolate could never make up for the beauty of absolute vulnerability and authenticity that love has to offer, if we chose to participate.  Here is the comic (note the bicycle pump used to pump up the heart ~smile~) ....


  1. Interesting piece. 2 years after you slept with my husband and destroyed my marriage! Nice job Doc. Maybe practice what you preach.