Sunday, March 6, 2011

1/2 Marathon Recap

I'm hoping your Sunday morning went a little more smoothly than mine! First, after a very long and treacherous drive through the fresh snowfall, a late arrival at the 1/2 marathon start line and soaking wet, slushy feet before the race even started, I ran about 4km of the 21 pain free; after which, I began to realize very quickly that I had no business being in that race this morning! This 1/2 marathon was the absolute worst 1/2 marathon that I have ever endured and my worst running performance ever!
Did I learn anything from throwing myself into a winter half-marathon without training properly? Well, yes! I learned that I will never ever, ever, ever do that again: it's way too painful, the weather is too unpredictable and it's simply demoralizing!
I also learned some compassion for those people out there that run events at a very moderate pace. Forever a runner and an athlete, I am accustomed to running a race pretty close to the front: there are a lot less people up there, which means, fewer people to dodge, fewer puddles to hit and fewer kicks in the ankles and legs! It is MUCH harder mid-pack! I honour and commend these people!
Now .. in order to completely distract you from my utter failure this morning: watch this video! It is a really cool video of a crazy downhill bike race in the slums of Brazil. I actually lost my stomach a few times on some of the jumps!! Enjoy lovely people .... :)