Monday, May 14, 2012

Life: An Opportunity for Resilience

I have come to conclude in this short time that I have had on this earth that life is wrought with challenge. I've seen it in my travels: to India, where poverty eats at the soul and awareness of our North American abundance gnaws at my thoughts. I've seen it in my practice with illnesses of both the spirit and the physiological self. I've seen it in my own life when my triumphs have been quickly stolen away with devastating loss. I have come to conclude that life is truly wrought with challenge.

I do believe however, that we have a choice in terms of what we do with the challenges we face. There is a strange beauty in every experience if we are willing to see the good, the lesson and the power in our resilience.

I came across this art exhibit, The Scar Project, that showcases women who have been challenged with breast cancer, subsequent surgery and their journey to power in accepting their new selves. I found it not only beautiful but completely inspiring. These women have stepped out of the negative, surpassed the grief and have allowed themselves to realize their beauty, their resilience and their ability to be complete despite having parts of themselves removed.

Please take a look - it's awesome.
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