Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alps Week Recap ..

For all of you who are interested and for who this will make sense, here are the climbs and mileage achieved in the Alps in the last 7 days:
- Les Allues: Vamoral 69.9km with 2019m of elevation
- Les Allues: Brides des Bains, Bozel and Pralogne-la-Vanoise, 87.2km with 2364m of elevation
- La Cote D'Aime, Col Petit St Bernard: 121km with 2300m of elevation
- Col de Telegraphe, Col de Galibier, Alp D'Huez: 125km with 3550m of elevation
- Les Allues to Annecy: 107km with 607m of elevation
- Les Allues: Col des Saisies: 139km with 1882m of elevation
- Les Allues: Val Thorens: 97.4km with 2859m of elevation

Et voila! A grande total of 746.5km of riding with 15 581m of climbing .. and still 4 more rides to go!

Being in the mountains feeds the spirit. There is a limitlessness to it all - the expansive scenary, the mountain air, the sky that seems to go on for ever and the valley gorges that tumble with glacial stream. Riding mountains on a bike has allowed me to realize the limitlessness around me as well as that inside of me. It has allowed me to understand myself as a small, yet pivotal piece of the world. It has allowed me to realize that, as independent beings, we are truly a part of everything around us. Riding in the mountains is spiritual. It is like riding to heaven and taking a look at your spiritual destiny and coming back to the earth with greater understanding. I come back a different person or, more accurately, more myself everytime!

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