Friday, April 8, 2011

An Exciting Week in the World of Gail Sauer

There have been many times in my life when I have felt completely overwhelmed: like a ball of string with about a thousand loose ends, of which, none are true beginnings. This week, however, was a rare week in which those thousands of loose ends seemed to come together to form a beautiful and scripted pattern: a pattern of possibility and potential, a pattern of budding flowers timidly playing with their new found splendor, a pattern of birth and growth. Let me explain ...

Early in the week, I decided to take a trip to Dundas, Ontario to "shadow" one of the true pioneers in our naturopathic field. As a rule, it is unusual for an individual who is already practicing to indulge in a "preceptorship": we are all forced to do this as students to satisfy a certain number of required hours. As practicing doctors, we usually have too much ego and too little time to indulge in learning from the masters. I, however, after the IV weekend, decided that I need to continue being inspired by the roots of my profession: the true healers that have found the art in practice. So off I went to a 14 hour day of some of the most stimulating moments of learning in my career so far. I cannot say enough about how moved I was by the passion I witnessed, coupled with efficiency and true patient care. As humbling as it was, it was equally inspiring.

Midweek came and I checked the mail .. some of you know that, a few weeks back, I wrote a really "important" exam ("important" may not be entirely accurate, when we have nuclear reactor leaks on the other side of the world)! Needless to say, it was important in my little microcosm. Suspending my anxiety attack, I opened the envelope containing the results and to my shock and surprise, I passed every element of the exam (and it really was a shock: during the practical component of the exam, my examiners mistook me for a deer caught in headlights .. it was bad)!

Next my website, that has sat dormant for almost a year, was finally launched. My brother kindly bought me this domain for my birthday last year. Knowing nothing about website design, my dear and generous friend, Audrey, came to my rescue. It amazes me that I have such precious and generous friends in my life that are so willing to share their talents and lend a hand. I am so lucky and so blessed! Check out the site, if you get a chance. It's a work in progress, but it looks wonderful so far:

And now, Friday, the end of the week , my brother's birthday: I picked up the card brochures for the Women's Cycling Tour of the Alps (this is on my website). The tour is scheduled for Aug 20th-27th and is designed to give women who are intimidated by mountain cycling, a safe space in which to achieve their riding goals .. in a supportive and encouraging environment. It's exciting to think about the opportunity we all have to help each other to achieve our potential.

So, there you are: a week that makes me feel that maybe things have started to fall into place, a week that feels like the vision is slowly coming into fruition, a week that's inspiring and fun and that has made me feel so fortunate for the freedom that I have to create.

I will leave you with this .. in the Native Indian tradition, spring is said to be a time of creation; a time where ideas are put into action and a time where there is an abundance of energy to facilitate the growth of ideas. In the summer the ideas that are meant to move forward will flourish and in the fall (harvest time), we harvest the ideas that have produced fruit and discard the one's that have not served us. We are coming into spring: embrace your ideas and cultivate the forward energy of growth. It is time ....

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