Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lifting the Roadway Restriction ..

As some of you recall from my December post, Are YOU Roadway Restricted?, I was in the process of embracing my winter weight. Well, it's now well into 2011: time to re-evaluate resigning to weight gain and embracing positive change. As every athlete knows, a period of rest from intensive exercise is important for both physical and mental rejuvenation; but how how do you get back into athletic shape after months of rest, aka: slothfulness?!

Let me tell you what not to do: when one of my beloved colleagues suggested a few weeks ago that we do a spring half marathon as a clinic .. "it'd be fun", he chimed ... I was reluctant to commit. After a bit of encouragement (more like trash-talk), I agreed to be a sport. I mean, I've done a million half marathons before .. whats one more, right? I had a plan: run a little, get in OK shape and kick my colleagues a**!

After a few short runs and inhibiting soreness, I thought it might be a good idea to change it up a little. Afterall , we live in Canada: why not get the heart pumping with some good ol' cross country skiing? A 5 hour break a the clinic a few days ago offered the perfect opportunity: change into ski stuff, take a quick drive up to the trails, get out there for 1.5 hours -a quick 15km - then back to the clinic for my last few clients: genius!

The sking itself was not the issue, it's been the inability to get out of bed, walk, put on pants, sit down and get up without looking (and sounding) 95 years old and bend to tie or zip up my boots. Yes people, going from nothing to a fast 15km ski is NOT the way to get back in shape, unless you'd like to kill yourself in the process.

I am fortunate to not have suffered long lasting injury but doing this CAN cause injury, serious injury: stress, strain, sprain (possible tear) and pain. Not a desirable consequence for any athlete!

To re-start your workout regime for the upcoming season, take tip #1:

We're still in January: No need to rush things!!! Start slow and peak well. If you've been inactive for a while, go out for a short (5km), easy run the first time or a bit of spinning on the trainer. Be sure to stretch and enjoy an Epsom salts bath after your workout (2 cups of Epsom salts for a 20-minute, warm soak).

When I can sit on the toilet without releasing embarassing groans, I'll be back to my half marathon training: follow the next few weeks for updates, to support my journey and show my colleague who is boss on the half marathon circuit! :)

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