Thursday, December 15, 2011


This is going to be the fastest blog post I've ever written .. the urgency has to do with a certain "deal" I've made with Heath at LaBicicletta.
I've been trying my hand at winter cycling (thankfully, we have had very little actual winter). However, for a skinny, iron-deficient, part-amphibian female like myself, cycling in anything below +15 is winter! My vulnerability is my feet: at +7, they are white with cold and on the fringe of frost nip. At the bike shop the other day I expressed my woes to Heath, at which point he guided me to the other side of the store and convinced me that I needed $60 socks .. er, I mean, "equipment". On a whim and a prayer, I purchased the "needed equipment" and promised Heath that, regardless of weather, I would venture out on the Sunday donut to give the socks a run for their money!
Sunday came: -6 degrees Celsius in Markham! YIKES! The sock deal was this: I'm wasn't allowed to wear anything but the socks, all-season cycling shoes and shoe covers - and of course, cycling clothes (no, Heath didn't make me ride naked)!
I secretly stashed 2 extra pairs of socks in a zip lock and put them in my back pocket (not because I don't trust you, Heath - but because I know you don't have a cell phone to call for a needed pick up)!
So how did the FuguSpeers measure up? Well, after the first hour, I was surprised that my feet were still reasonably "warm" (for me, that means not frozen). After 2-3 hours, although my feet didn't feel warm per say, they were not uncomfortable. After the fourth hour and upon arriving home, I examined the feet. When I gave them a good look, the left foot was normal body temperature with a pink hue. The right one, was white and quite cold - but not as cold as it usually is. THe difference in feet, I attribute to my big, huge heart being on the left side of my body and better circulation on that side.
So all-in-all, I was impressed at the temperature and duration with which the very thin socks kept me from freezing .. however, as far as agreements go, I do believe I should win 1/2 of the bet for my white, right foot! But I'll still meet you at the Jetfuel and buy you a coffee anyway, Heath! :)

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