Friday, November 11, 2011

Kicked in the Ass

I fell off the earth for a while. In my mysterious plummet, I attracted a beautiful influence into my non-earth that turned my head to show me a vision of how wonderful my life could be.
Sometimes the universe kicks you in the ass and if you're not wearing padding, it really, really hurts. Bruised or not though, if you're able to see past the hurt, there is a transformative process that you are often embarking on without even knowing it. I am in transformation: a powerful place of growth. Challenges are coming which, previously, may have seemed insurmountable. Something has shifted in me that is truly allowing me to see my potential and the potential to create the life I want to live.
I believe I'm on a path constructed by a series of events: the beautiful influence I mentioned earlier was the first obvious catalyst. Following that, the kicks in the ass .. which have led me to a journey called the Artists Way, which I've been wanting to explore since I lived in the Yukon.
The Artists Way is a self directed 12-week modular progression designed to guide the participant to their potential through creative expression. So far, it has led me to a place of seeing creative solutions (instead of getting completely discouraged with my challenges). It has led me to a deeper understanding of what I chosen to define me, what definitions I'd like to let go of and which I'd prefer to be defined by. It has led me to understand that receiving (from others and from the universe) IS acceptable. It has led me to accept where I am with grace and peace. It has led me to see myself and my life as potential instead of a series of limits. I do believe I am ready for this - that said, if you are not ready and embark on this journey anyway, it may not yield the same results!
I am in week #1 with eleven weeks to go! Part of me cannot wait to see what and who I become; the other part of me is really embracing the daily process.
And with this, I give thanks (to the universe or God or light or whatever) for the kicks in the ass that I obviously needed!

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