Thursday, July 14, 2011

Appreciation and Abundance

I am keeping this short and sweet tonight. I haven't written in a while .. so ..

I have a good life. Take today for instance: after drinking some fantastic coffee, I went to work at a job that I find purpose and meaning in. I had fulfilling interactions with patients, caught up on a lot of research and paperwork, had enjoyable conversation with the rest of our staff and finished up early. Afterwards, I got out for an hour and a half on my bike in the early evening sunshine. I topped it off with getting a few goodnight kisses from my nephews and watching the Tour de France with my brother and sister-in-law. Sometimes, it is easy to forget how good our lives really are.
I hear talk occasionally about attracting abundance. I often notice that the reference is usually to monetary abundance. I always find it interesting that, in our absolutely abundant society, it is so easy for people to be continually caught up in always wanting more. I will be the first to admit that money provides opportunity and is necessary to meet the basic needs of everyday life. However, in those moments of flow (on my bike, inspired by my work, etc), everything else is forgotten. There is a beauty, a peace, a tranquility in the flow that facilitates the realization that in that moment I need nothing more than I already have: my breath, the depth of love that I can share with the world, my intention and the opportunity to live my purpose. It is in those moments of flow that I realize that I already possess absolute abundance.

BTW: I am assuming the above symbol translates to the equivalent of "abundance". If it is a profane and offensive phrase, well, I apologize. But at least it is pretty!

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