Sunday, May 8, 2011

Because I am a Girl ..

Congratulations to all the women who participated in the Women's 5km Race today in Markham to support "because I am a girl" (Plan Canada). Plan Canada organizes gifts of hope through ethical giving; "giving real dollars to real projects that change real lives". The "because I am a girl" event was started in 2010 on Mother's Day to celebrate the ability of women to come together and financially support the educational needs of future women in Africa. 2011 marks the second successful year of this event.

Because of the dangers of travelling the distance to school, only 5% of teenage girls in Tanzania actually make it to class! As little of $10 000 can build a school residence in Africa allowing teenage girls to access their right to education. After raising $20 000 at the first 5km event last year, event organizers Sara Sterling and her daughter Maddy continued the momentum. The proceeds to this years' event will work toward building a second school residency in Rwanda.

I was honoured to be involved in this event this year: a few of us from the clinic went over and volunteered by giving all the tired participants some post-race massage. It was wonderful to be involved with such a fantastic event and to be around a wonderful group of women and girls contributing their resources to support other women many miles away. All and all: a fantastic Mother's day!

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